Conferences can be arranged in the hotel and easily tailored for large or small groups. Local and international companies as well as state-run organisations and institutions have chosen the beautiful premises and facilities at Mauritzberg for meetings, workshops and conferences.

The hotel is equipped with high speed wireless Internet and video projectors, which are at your disposal as a conference guest. If you do not have your own laptop, Mauritzberg will be happy to make one available for you. 


Conference with Accommodation

Single Room   per person 1 995;-
Double room  per person  1 690;-

Day Conference

Coffee break  60:- / person
Lunch           135:- / person
Dinner          340:- / person


Conference Venues

Gallery              4000:- (80 p)
Greve Bonde     2500:- (30 p)
Bråviken            1800:- (16 p)
Mörner               1200:- (10 p)
Gripen Cellar     600:- (6 p)
Group rooms      Free of charge

Slide - Conference Venues

  • Greve Bonde

    Greve Bonde

    Greve Bonde

    The Greve Bonde dining room is a romantic, Rococo-style dining room that can accomodate a maximum of 52 people. The room can also be used as a conference room for up to 32 people.

  • Bråviken


    This stunning conference room, which can accommodate up to 16 people, is situated on the second floor of the main building. The conference room has magnificent views in two different directions, filling the room with natural daylight. The Rococo-style wallpaper originally came from the Engelholm manor house in Södermanland.

    The paintings in the room are framed in carved golden frames and reflect Rococo themes: pretty young women strolling around beautiful parks. The smiling faces exude the joyous atmosphere of the paintings.

    The design of the tiled stove, with its grey-blue decorative features, is post-Gustavian, whereas the art pieces over the doors reflect the shift towards the Empire period. Nevertheless, the room retains a Rococo feel to it. There is a relief with a trumpet and a lyre above the door to the music hall.

    The Neo-Rococo desk has a brass mount and delicate curves. Some of Mauritzberg's original furniture was sold in the past and unfortunately we have not been able to buy it back.

  • Mörner


    The Mörner Salon is an ideal place for conferences for up to 10 people and is situated on the ground floor of the main building.

  • Gallery


    In the summer months, guests are welcome to make use of the manor´s Gallery for festive occasions and larger conferences. The size of this recently renovated hall is 250 square metres and it is 6 metres high. Two-thirds of the room is covered with oak parquet flooring, and toilets and an open kitchen have also been added. The Gallery is suitable for groups of around 125 people, depending on the type of occasion. Tables and chairs are included in the price.

    Please contact us for any further information.

  • Gripen Cellar


    Gripen Cellar

    The old cellar vault is next to the sauna in the north wing of the manor. It can be used by a maximum of 6 people as a room for group working or for wine or chocolate tastings.

    The Gripen Cellar is located on the lower ground floor of the north wing and it has a fantastic sea view. This part of the building was spared the worst of the destruction during the Russian attacks in 1719. This was where the manor's food supplies were stored in times gone by.

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